Stan Peterec


Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, 2014
WKA World Middleweight Karate Champion, 1994-95
Canadian Representative, World Savate Championships, 1989
WKA World Junior Middleweight Champion, 1987-88
Canadian Super Welterweight Kickboxing Champion, 1986

Stan is a former two time professional World Kickboxing Champion. He has won over 1000 competitive martial arts championships in the last 40 years and has been awarded most outstanding male competitor numerous times. He has represented Team Canada at the World Savate Championships in Paris, France, and he was a coach for Team Canada in China. He has coached a trained various World Champions including Professional Boxer Donny Lalonde, Gabriel varga Professional World Kickboxing Champion and Lindsay Ball Pro World Muay Thai & Kickboxing Champion. He also coached Kit Monroe, the Professional Canadian Boxing Champion. He has been asked to go to Peru later this year to teach their Military hand-to-hand techniques.

He was Inducted into the Victoria Sports Hall of Fame in 2014 for his achievements in combat sports.

Some Internationally Acclaimed Champions he has coached:

Mike McDonald: K1 Las Vegas Champion and now movie star
Chris Peak: King of the Cage Champion
Adam Gabel: King of the Cage Champion
Forest Brawaski: Canadian Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Luraina Undershute: Canadian Kickboxing Champion
Keri Scarr: Canadian Kickboxing Champion
Aaron Varga: Amateur Canadian Kickboxing Champion
Ben Lee: BC Kickboxing Champion
Jason Heit: North American Kickboxing Champion
Mike Downey: BC Kickboxing Champion
Pshemi Wallack: North American Kickboxing Champion
Jonathan Blunt: Amateur World Kickboxing Champion
Peter McKay: BC Kickboxing Champion
Leigh Muller: BC Kickboxing Champion
Curtis Lee: BC Kickboxing Champion
Alex Tribe: Canadian Amateaur Kickboxing Champion

And the list goes on…

Stan has also had direct involvement in the opening of the following Martial Arts Schools in Victoria:

Crusher Combat School
Curtis Lee’s Offence Club
Final Round Boxing and Martial Arts
Studio 4 Athletics
Columbia Martial Arts

On top of his busy schedule, Stan also donates his time to community events and local charities.

Black Belt Magazine featured him as one of the top 10 toughest people on the planet, and is currently a consultant for Lito Angleles, an LAPD Officer and head journalist for Black Belt Magazine.

He has trained with a huge amount of international talent including:
Israeli Special Forces – KRAV MAGA
Vladimir Vasilev – SPETZNAZ Russian Special Forces
Allied Special Forces
Jim Harrison – Navy SEAL Instructor and Martial Arts Hall of Famer
L.A.P.D. SWAT Team
Frank Shamrock – UFC Champion
Maurice Smith – Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion
Tony Blauer – Military Tactics Expert
Oleg Taktarov – Russian Sambo Champion
Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
Benny “The Jet” Urquidez
Donny Lalonde – World Lightweight Boxing Champion

Lindsay Ball

WPMF Professional World Featherweight Champion
Queens Cup Birthday Bangkok Thailand Champion
WAKO PRO Korea World Kickboxing Champion
ISKA Canadian Featherweight Champion

Lindsay has trained for over the past 21 years in Victoria with Stan Peterec and also lived in Thailand as a sponsored professional Muay Thai fighter at Promtep which later closed, and then at both Sinbi and 13 Coins with Saenchai Kotmuay, where the gyms gave her their last name - Lindsay Sinbi Muaythai in Phuket and Lindsay PK Saenchai Muay Thai gym in Bangkok. She was taught her Wai Kru by Saenchai who has been considered pound for pound best Muay Thai fighter in the world. She was asked by a Lumpinee promoter at 13 Coins in 2012 to be Sangmanee's main Sparring and clinching partner after she had been playing around with him in the ring one day because all the guys they had had become tired and they needed to keep him busy, and the promoters were sitting ringside watching and felt she was the perfect fit for him, so she continued to train with him every day. Sangmanee was just breaking onto the Muay Thai scene that year and went on to become a well known top champion and was also named Thailand fighter of the year later in 2012, so it was an honor for her to be personally invited to train with a very small exclusive group of the top Thai fighters in the world.

Lindsay has competed professionally all over the world including in Thailand, China, Korea, japan, United States and Canada. She was invited to fight at the Queens Birthday at the Royal Thai palace grounds as the main event for the World Professional Muay Thai Federation Featherweight title which aired live on the famous Thai Channel 7 sports network, and she won her WPMF title on August 11th 2011 as Lindsay Sinbi Muaythai. She went on to win the WAKO Pro Kickboxing World title in Korea later that year.
She has also competed in Boxing with some Amateur fights, as well as trained in various martial arts such as Arnis/Escrima/Kali, Yeung Chuan and Krav Maga over the years.
She began Meditation and Qi gong practice at age 13 to strengthen her mind and spirit.

She is currently the head instructor for the Women’s Muay Thai class at Peterec’s gym and has also taught Muay Thai classes out of the Pacific Centre for Sports Excellence (PISE) and out of the Aboriginal Recreation Centre in Duncan.